Welcome to Paradise!

Ocean, sand, palm trees and silence

Good Karma - a small hotel on the south coast of Sri Lanka. It is the perfect place for a relaxing holiday: long, wide and deserted beach, surrounded by the ocean on one side and on the other - the jungle with freshwater lagoon.

Rekawa Beach - it is a national park with giant sea turtles, which almost every night crawl out of the sea to lay their eggs. Peacocks, lizards, pelicans, monkeys, porcupines, mongooses and other representatives of the fauna of Ceylon will be your neighbors - there are no noisy parties and discos.

Only five two-store bungalows with direct ocean views, well-kept area with tropical garden. Each bungalow - this is two rooms with separate entrances (on the first and second floors), for a total of ten rooms with spacious verandas and with stunning view!

Each room is equipped with air conditioning, hot water, and decorated by us with local traditions and the tropical climate. The total room area of over 46 square meters, bathroom - 9 sq.m.

Pool overlooking the ocean, a restaurant with a large selection of seafood and Lankan chef, tours to numerous attractions, sea fishing, scooters and bicycles for rent, etc.

In the near future we plan to open a center of Ayurveda and yoga class under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

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Two rooms with separate entrances. Garden and ocean views.


Large selection of seafood and Lankan chef.


Free yoga. Ayurvedic treatments and massage.

Free Wi-Fi

In our rooms and villas.

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